KHSiew Architect brings a unique and valuable blend of expertise for it’s valued customers.
KHSiew Architect takes responsibility of all project phases from client relations to conceptual design, construction documents through construction administration.
It’s team of professionals have a substantial amount of experience in all phases of project management and design. In the term of ranking of size for International practice, KHSiew Architect is presently in the Top Ten Architect Awards in Malaysia.
The quantum of projects undertaken by the practice as in contract value is well above the billion (Malaysian Ringgit) mark in recent years.
The company’s impressive track record is in terms of list of clientele and projects undertaken is a good testimony of our commitment to excellence in design and dedication to services.
The firm believes in using architecture as an expression of the continuity of the history of civilization and the memory of cities. The firm strives to achieve an architecture that resonates with man’s unending endeavor to be in harmony with his soul and the world he lives in. This necessarily rejects exhibitionism or architecture-for-architecture’s sake.